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Warning: The Dangers Of Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is a type of phenol and it is an aromatic compound. It is a common ingredient used for skin whitening purposes. It is used to solve problems of hyper pigmentation on the body. People who have using products having this active component experienced some of its side effects.

Listed below are the effects of hydroquinone to the body :
1. The most common side effect of this is an increase with the sensitivity to the sun. When going out, it is then advised for them to use sun block . As a matter of fact, people using this active agent are advised to reduce their exposure to the sun in order not to encounter such problems.

2. Skin sensitivity increases also. It is not advisable therefore to use harsh soaps and ointments on areas where hydroquinone is applied.

3. Mild burning or redness of the skin. Since it is a common element of skin care products, the first part of the body that will be affected is the skin. The skin is in direct contact with it so it experiences the first blast of side effect.

4. Severe allergic reactions. This may include difficulty of breathing, rashes, swelling of the facial part of the body like the mouth, lips, or tongue and even the entire face may swell.

5. It may cause other skin-related problems like blue-black darkening of the skin, blistering, redness, irritation, stinging and excessive cracking and drying of the skin.

6. Severe effects include thyroid disorder, liver damage and leukemia.

7. Researches show that it is carcinogenic; immunotoxicant and developmental and reproductive toxicant, and also identifies concerns regarding the ingredient’s risks for various organ systems, the endocrine system and neurotoxicity.

8. It is also linked with a disease that involves the darkening and thickening of the skin known as ochronosis. Common victims of this disease are the black men and women in Britain, in the US, and in South Africa. Grayish-brown spots and dome-shaped yellowish spots are observed in ochronosis.

9. It is related with the abnormal functioning of the adrenalin glands.

Because of these several side effects , hydroquinone is banned in the European Unions, Japan, and Australia. According to the new rule of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), any skin lightening product that is found out to have this harmful agent as one of its ingredients is considered to be a new product. It would create several problems on the part of the skin care companies because they will need a new approval of the FDA before that certain product is released to the market for public consumption.

Also, because of its several effects to human health, hydroquinone is considered to be one of the harmful ingredients used in the cosmetic products. It can contaminate other ingredients of the cosmetic products.

Aside from skin bleachers, this harmful substance is usually found on hair conditioners, facial moisturizers and skin cleansers. It is used also on products types like anti-aging, nail glue, sun screen, moisturizer, and concealer.

In relation to this, there are other toxic components that may be mixed in skin lightening products. Common two are the mercury and the steroid. Mercury is a carcinogenic element and is prohibited not only in the area of cosmetics but also on some applications like in medical equipments. Thermometers and sphygmomanometer with mercury are not allowed already. Steroids on the other hand, can cause problems such as hormonal imbalance.

With the harms presented, it is advisable then for users of skin lightening products to check the labels of their brands. Make sure no toxic ingredient is included in the product. Let us all ensure one’s health.

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