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Ways To Apply Tar Based Psoriasis Treatments

Tar based psoriasis treatments (whether creams or ointments) tend to get on to your clothes and bed linen unless you do something to prevent this happening. The dark marks should wash out, but they can be rather annoying which is why parts of your body that are treated with these preparations are often protected with bandages. A simple tube-shaped bandage that stays in place and does not have to be wound on and off is often the most convenient. It is a lot easier to wash a few bandages than whole sets of clothes. If the areas being treated are on your abdomen or back, a set of cheap cotton underwear will carry out the same job as a bandage and keep your clothes free of mess. If you are being treated in hospital, the nurse may sprinkle a little dusting powder on to the treated area to cut down the mess, but this is not really necessary.

Treating Scalp Psoriasis

The skin on your scalp is just as sensitive as that on your face, and ordinary tar preparations are a bit harsh for it. Special ointments and lotion have been developed for the scalp and are often quite effective. Psoriasis creams and lotions containing corticosteroids are the most popular scalp treatments and are easy and not unpleasant to use. Older ointments tend to be made up of a mixture of traditional ingredients such as wood tar, sulphur, salicylic acid and coconut oil. They sometimes smell a bit odd and are not always popular with my patients!

The majority of psoriasis treatments mainly work with handling the symptoms, including ones containing tar. If you suffer with psoriasis, or take care of a person who does, learn how to actually become psoriasis free for life with these rather simple natural remedies.

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