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What To Do During And After You Get A Tan

“Do you think you should get a tan because you have a pale skin? Most people nowadays go for fake tan instead of basking under the sun because of the harmful UV rays that even cause skin cancer. You can get a tan skin by spray tanning. There are safety measures that you should remember when you get a tan using spray tanning.

Before you have your spray tan, you should get a shave or body waxing. It is recommended that during a session you should wear dark, loose clothes since it is inevitable that your clothes will get stained. You can wear dark bathing suits if you are don’t like being nude during your session.

It is much safer if you make sure that you don’t have any other chemicals on your body when you go for a spray tan. Make-ups, deodorants and perfumes could prevent the tan solutions from working with your skin properly.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it is not advisable to get a spray tan just as a safety precaution. If you are wearing contact lenses, remove them before you the session. After your session, avoid using or avoid applying any chemicals over your tanned skin unless you are told to do otherwise.

Don’t do any physical activities after your session because you might sweat. Let it stay and develop for at least 6 hours so that you can have better results. Or better yet, let it stay the entire night. Drinking hot beverages and contact with toothpaste can strip the color of your tan from areas around your mouth, so be careful.

After your tan has developed, take a shower to rinse off the remaining color and use a mild soap once the water has turn clear. You should keep off products that contain alpha hydroxy acids, otherwise known as AHA’s, as they can strip color from your tan. You should also avoid going swimming in pools since the chlorine found in swimming pools can also cause your tan to prematurely fade.

If you want to have the tan longer, you can use moisturizers daily or you can use tan extender products. Other methods of fake tans follow similar precautions and it is definitely much better if you could consult your dermatologist, pharmacist or beautician for a diagnosis of your skin type and determine the most suitable tan treatment so you could achieve your desired results. Go and get your tan now!”

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