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What You Need To Know About Melasma

Melasma is a dark skin imperfection on the skin. Its most common victims are women, especially pregnant women, that is why it is called “mask of pregnancy”. It does not appear only on the face, it appears also on the other areas of the skin like the forearms.

How do you recognize if a person has a Melasma? A common symptom to show the presence of this skin discoloration is the appearance of dark spots found on the face, forehead, and even the nose. It will take some time before these dark spots were formed.

The dark discoloration on the skin is a result of over formulation of the dark pigment on the skin and at the same time, exposure to the sun. Another thing that may affect in the development of discoloration is the genetic factor. For pregnant women, internal hormonal change during pregnancy is the reason of the appearance of discolorations . It is also the result of external hormones like birth control pills. Melasma can be diagnosed by merely looking at the skin . Wood’s lamp can be used also to know melanin difference between the two layers of the skin, the outer and inner layers . According to discoveries , these dark spots on the skin tend to grows more on summer and appear lightly on the winter. It is a result of exposure to the sun.

For pregnant women, dark patches on the skin usually disappear after a few months after giving birth. Other process of treating these dark patches are:

 Laser Treatment- This technique uses the Wood’s lamp to diagnose whether the dark patch is located on the epidermis or in the dermis. If the dark spot appears on the inner layer of the skin, the dermis, Fraxel laser is used for treatment. Not all dark spots located on this layer of the skin respond to the laser treatment. Some might not be removed.

 Topical Depigmenting agents- a chemical that is nurmally used for this is the hydroquinone. However, because it was banned for public use, other natural agents were discovered to replace hydroquinone.

 Skin Peeling- Exfoliating comes into two forms: facial peel through the use of alpha hydroxyacids and chemical peel through the use of glycolic acid.

 Using Tretinoin- this process is not recommended for pregnant women. It involves increasing the turnover of cells.

For those who have Melasma because of genetic factors, important prevention of this is limiting the exposure to the sun and application of sun screen on the skin. Sun screens with SPF 30 are recommended for use. If possible, they should discuss this problem with their doctors so that birth control pills and other hormonal treatments will be avoided.

In a way, Melasma can be avoided . This can be done by reducing the exposure to the sun, though it is difficult to do it sometimes. A person with family history on this dark patches have a great chance in developing this kind of spots. Extra care must then be given when going out into the sun. Wear hats, sun blocks and sun glasses for additional protection.

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