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Why Understanding Your Skin Type Is Important .

In general there are 4 different types of skin. These are dry, normal, oily and combination and when buying skin products it is essential to know what type of skin you have.

Individuals who have normal skin, which is neither dry or oily, still require daily cleansing and toning. Dry skin sufferers must also make sure their skin is clean but more importantly re-moisturized else it can become dry and cracked. Dry skin sufferers can really suffer in the winter time when the skin is exposed to cold winds.

Special cleansers and toners should also be used if you have oily skin as these will rid the skin of excess oil and grime. Non oil based moisturizers will also have to be used that are specially made for oily skin. It is also important to keep the pores as clean as you can, as oily skin is more prone to a break out of blackheads, acne and spots.

Combination skin is a mixture of all skin types. The nose, chin and forehead can appear oily, and the cheeks and other areas dry. The skincare market these days, now offer specifically designed products that are suitable for combination skin, or you can use separate products for each area.

Exfoliation can be done on a weekly basis but if you have dry, sensitive skin then once a month is sufficient.The exfoliation process cleans skin deeply removing all traces of dirt and grime and natural skin oils. It is essential to replace these oils with a good moisturizer after the exfoliation process.

Asking your local beautician for advice on which beauty products to use is important. Lot’s of people choose products that are not suitable for their skin type and this is not cost effective. Qualified beauticians can also advise on nourishing night creams, anti wrinkle creams and other

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