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Xtend TK. Why Should It Be In Your Skin Care Products? (And What Is It?)

Good skin care is at the forefront of the mind of just about every woman as she ages. For this reason anti aging skin products are huge business. And modern science has now produced an ingredient that is a must to find in the best skin care products. It’s called Xtend TK. Sometimes it goes by the name of Cynergy TK.

With age comes skin sagging, fine lines around the eyes and mouth, blotchy spots on the skin called, variously, age spots or liver spots, and of course the most dreaded is the appearance of wrinkles. Of course wrinkles are just advanced skin sagging.

For a long time science has understood the causes of wrinkles as well as many of the other skin problems that bedevill women as they age.

It is well known that as you get older the levels of collagen and elastin, 2 essential skin proteins, start to decline. As you get into your 40s and 50s your skin is less able to produce collagen and elastin.

And it is these 2 essential skin proteins which are primarily responsible for maintaining skin elasticity. As you begin to lose elastin and collagen skin elasticity begins to reduce, gravity takes over and the inevitable result is the formation of lines and wrinkles.

However despite the fact that the cause is well known the cure has been a little harder to find. Obviously a huge part of treating wrinkles and skin sagging has to be increasing the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin, but how to do that has remained a little bit of a mystery.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been tried. You can buy dozens of different brands of anti aging skin products with collagen, or elastin, or both, in the bottle. However this doesn’t work and I’ll explain why.

You see the molecule size of these 2 skin proteins is too large to penetrate the skin. If you apply them to the surface of the dermis that is where they remain. Until they end up on your pillow.

You might be asking yourself why anti aging skin companies put them in the bottle if they don’t actually get into your skin. There’s a simple answer. Although they don’t do anything to your skin they do lots for the bottom line of the companies. Bottles with collagen and elastin listed on the label sell extremely well.

So if putting them in the bottle doesn’t do any good is there any answer? There is, and it comes in the form of a skin care ingredient called Xtend TK. Xtend TK is what you could describe as a breakthrough in skin science.

Xtend TK tackles the problem from a completely different angle. Rather than trying to simply add more collagen and elastin into the skin it’s patented formulation, taken primarily from the wool of sheep, actually stimulates the skin to produce more collagen and elastin all by itself. In other words it reverses the decline in the ability of the skin to produce these 2 essential skin proteins.

Scientific trials of products which incorporate Xtend TK, or what can sometimes be called Cynergy TK, have been impressive, with excellent results observed in a relatively short time.

So are you likely to see Xtend TK, for for that matter Cynergy TK, listed on the label of your favorite skin care products any time soon? No you’re not, because it’s expensive, and a big part of making profits on selling skin care products is to minimise the cost of the product.

However one company has taken the bull by the horns and is manufacturing a range of excellent skin care products that incorporate Xtend TK. However these products are not available on the shelves because to sell them like that would make them too expensive. The only way to incorporate this new breakthrough ingredient into the products and sell them at a competitive price is to sell direct to the customer, which they do.

Including with a full money back guarantee, that’s how confident they are that their products, which include Xtend TK, work.

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